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More engagement and consultation coming on Ruamahanga Whaitua Programme recommendations

More engagement and consultation coming on Ruamahanga Whaitua Programme recommendations

The six-week extension for comment on the Ruamahanga Whaitua Committee’s recommendations for inclusion in Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Natural Resources Plan is another step in getting public input into the decision making process. There is more to come, says Ruamahanga Whaitua chair Peter Gawith.

“Big attendances at Whaitua presentations, lively discussion and lots of questions were behind giving more time to talk to and hear from the community.

“We know people are still working out how they would be affected by the proposals. But there’s no need to rush, the committee will continue to work with stakeholders and listen to their views and review input from the public.

“We’ve held an extended conversation with the community over the last four years. The Whaitua Committee is now getting to the sharp end of the process and the extensive engagement with the community since February has focused peoples’ minds.

“We’re happy to stretch the period of engagement but we need to keep the process moving forward, which is why we want community feedback to our draft WIP in June so we have time to consider the feedback and present the WIP to GWRC in August.

“But that’s not the end of the discussion, in many ways it’s just the beginning.  There will be plenty of opportunity for more public input.

“Once the Whaitua Committee’s recommendations are adopted by Greater Wellington, and become a plan change there will be formal consultation. This plan change, or variation to the Natural Resources Plan, will be publicly notified and the public will be able to make submissions on it.

“There’s much more discussion to be had on the issues raised by the Whaitua Committee. The current extension of engagement is just one stepping stone in a long conversation with the Wairarapa community about our land and water.” says Mr Gawith.

People can pass on concerns, suggestions and ideas to support the Whaitua Implementation Programme by visiting



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