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Long-Term Plan

Long-Term Plan

Updated 26 June 2018 1:28pm

 Every three years we create a Long Term Plan which sets out the direction for Greater Wellington over the next ten years.  From late July 2018 you will be access our Long Term Plan 2018-28 which was adopted by Council on 26 June 2018.  In the mean time you can learn more about our Long Term Plan and how this affects your rates with our questions and answers below:

 What is the Long Term Plan and why is it important?

At Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) we touch on your lives every day. From the public transport you ride on, to the water you drink or swim in and the regional parks you explore, we are working to deliver our communities the big things that make our region an extraordinary place to be.

Our Long Term Plan is really important.  This plan sets out everything we will deliver to our communities over the next decade and how we will pay for it – including where we spend your rates.

In July 2018 we will have a brand new Long Term Plan covering the years 2018-2028.  If you are interested in looking at our previous Long Term Plan click here.

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 How do we decide what we focus on in the Long Term Plan?

We are guided by what goes into our Long Term Plan by our vision and our key priority areas which you, the community, have told us is where we should focus.

Our vision is:
An extraordinary region, thriving, connected and resilient.

For the 2018-28 Long Term Plan the following were agreed as our key priority areas:

  • Water supply
  • Fresh water quality and biodiversity
  • Public transport
  • Regional resilience

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 How do we make sure we’ve captured the community’s views?

Every three years we are required to update our plan and make sure that everyone in our region has the opportunity to provide feedback to ensure we are truly working on your behalf and that you know we are investing your money (which we receive through regional rates) in the best possible way.

As we started drafting our plan we spoke to people all over our region through face-to-events and using online tools to gather insight on what really matters to you and make sure you that your views were captured as we built the plan.

In March 2018 we ran a region-wide public consultation campaign which included advertising, public meetings and a website dedicated to capturing your views.  The consultation was held over a month and we received over 750 submissions from people all over the region.

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 Did Greater Wellington make any changes based on the feedback we received?

While the Long Term Plan itself had no major changes based on the feedback we received, in 2018 we also consulted on some proposed changes to our Revenue and Financing Policy which guides how we allocate our funds across all of the activities we deliver.

The proposed changes focused on how we fund both Public Transport and Flood Protection.  We received a lot of feedback on these proposals and using this made the final decision to retain the current funding for flood protection.

Following consultation Council also adjusted the proposed allocation of funding for Public Transport also, including reducing the amount that residents in Ōtaki and Wellington CBD businesses to better reflect the service they provide.

Council adopted the Revenue and Financing Policy on 26 June and a final copy will be available following that meeting along with the LTP.

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 How does the Long Term Plan affect your rates?

One of the key aspects of the Long Term Plan is the proposed rates in your area for the decade.  We have a lot of projects we are committed to delivering across the region and all of these need to be funded.  We work very hard to ensure that our rates are as fair as possible, while still allowing us to deliver our key projects to the region.

To help you understand how the rates in the 2018-28 Long Term Plan may affect your area in the region we have created PDF fact sheets for each area which explains what projects we are planning to deliver to your community and explain the rates over the next years:

Wellington City Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Kapiti Coast Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Hutt City Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Upper Hutt City Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

South Wairarapa Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Carterton Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Masterton Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

Porirua Long Term Plan Fact Sheet

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