Is it safe to swim?

Is it safe to swim?

Click on a site on the map below to find out its overall water quality grade and current water quality or toxic algae warnings.

Current warnings
Weekly monitoring sites (last updated 26 February 2015)

There are no bacteria level warnings at this time
There are no sewage overflow warnings at this time

An amber alert toxic algae alert is in place at the following sites:

  • Hutt River at Silverstream Bridge
  • Toxic algae levels are elevated but it is still safe to use the river. Avoid obvious mats of algae (especially any that may have washed up at the river's edge). We recommend keeping your dog on a lead. More about toxic algae.

    Other sites

    A red alert warning for toxic algae is in place at Henley Lake in Masterton. Contact Masterton District Council on 06 370 6245 for more information or see

    A red alert warning for toxic algae is in place at Lower Whitby Lake in Porirua.  Contact Porirua City Council on 04 237 5089 for more information.