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Healthy waterways

Healthy waterways

Updated 12 September 2017 4:09pm

Improving waterways and wetlands for landowners

Excluding stock from waterways can improve water quality and habitat for aquatic plants and animals.

If you are a landowner, two new support programmes can help you to protect our environment.

These programmes can also help you to comply with the rules set out in the Proposed Natural Resources plan (pNRP). 

What are the new programmes?

The two new programme factsheets are:

The programmes provide support and financial assistance for landowners to protect and restore wetlands and other waterbodies. 

Funding includes support for fencing, planting and, where appropriate, help for controlling pest plants and animals. 

Who’s eligible?

We’ve identified Category 1 streams, rivers and wetlands we consider are important to protect. These waterbodies are rare in our region. Many of these sites are home to vulnerable native plants and animals.

We’ve been in contact with landowners with these Category 1 significant sites

You may also have a Category 2 waterbody on your property. In this case you may also be eligible for support. 

If you think you’re eligible?

We would like to hear from you about the challenges you face and work through them together.

Get in touch with us and we will see how we may be able to assist you.

Who can I talk to?

Either contact your local Land Management Advisor or call:

Tash Styles

Riparian Programme Coordinator

06 826 1555 or 021 566 201

Katrina Smith

Wetlands Programme Coordinator

04 830 4267