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Funding and awards

Funding and awards

Updated 3 June 2015 1:12pm

Encore Awards

Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Department of Conservation's Wellington Hawke's Bay Conservancy and the Wellington Hawke's Bay Conservation Board developed the Encore Awards to honour individuals, groups, school communities and landowners whose sustained commitment to environmental restoration, biodiversity and conservation is making the Wellington region a better place to live. More...

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Greater Wellington supports the Ballance Farm Environment Awards in the Wellington region. The annual awards give farmers and lifestylers in the Wellington region the opportunity to find out how well they are sustaining their land. More...

Warm Greater Wellington

Greater Wellington provides each ratepayer a maximum of $3,900 in financial assistance for home insulation. It can be repaid through a targeted rate on your regular rates bill over nine years. More...