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Farming Reference Group

Farming Reference Group

Updated 28 February 2017 9:16am

Greater Wellington Regional Council manages land and water alongside communities across our region. We value the knowledge and skills of many individuals who work with us on specialist advisory committees.

The GWRC Farming Reference Group (FRG) makes recommendations to Council on matters that affect farming communities.  Members of the FRG are leaders in their own communities and show committment to good managment practices.  Members represent sheep and beef, arable and dairy farming sectors.

The FRG debates and informs GWRC on their communities' views and needs in relation to a range of matters:

  • soil conservation
  • flood protection
  • plant and animal pests
  • climate change
  • nutrient management
  • biodiversity protection and enhancement
  • riparian management.
The Farming Reference Group is a GWRC advisory body.