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Flood Protection

Flood Protection

Updated 5 July 2017 8:26am

We work with communities to manage flood risk from the region's rivers and streams. We develop floodplain management plans, provide a free advice and consultation service in relation to flood and erosion risks, maintain and build flood protection works, work with the community to maintain or improve the environment and recreational opportunities and provide management and advice to Civil Defence during large floods.

We manage and maintain flood protection assets along 800km of rivers across the region. These assets are valued at $263 million, and include 290km of stopbanks and 554,000 tonnes of rock. We also manage 155km of drainage channels which support farming or allow established land-uses to continue, and the single most expensive asset owned is the Lake Wairarapa Barrage gate, which is valued at $18million, its purpose is to manage the water levels within Lake Wairarapa.

Maintenance of these assets is carried out all year round by our own skilled Operation and Maintenance teams based in the Hutt Valley, Wairarapa Valley and on the Kapiti Coast.

River Management and Maintenance

Current Scheduled Maintenance

The Operations Team is progressing two projects:

Regional Resource Consents Renewal Project

Environmental Code of Practice Development Project

Floodplain Management Planning

We work with communities to develop comprehensive plans to manage flood risk locally.

There are several FMPs underway, follow the links in the box on the right. Floodplain Management Planning

Flood Hazard Information

We have now launched our Flood Hazard maps as an interactive mapping tool so you can quickly look up an address and get an indication of the risk of flooding.