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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Updated 19 December 2016 1:33pm

Electric Vehicles including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, are one of New Zealand’s biggest opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the uptake of renewable energy.

80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated from renewable sources, and there are sufficient consented renewable generation projects for New Zealand to recharge all of our three million vehicles if they were electric.

The pricing and capability of electric cars has advanced quickly in a short period of time and they are now practical for many Wellingtonians.

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Greater Wellington’s work around Electric Vehicles:

Electric bus fleet: Greater Wellington has an ambition for Wellington to be the first city in New Zealand with an all-electric bus fleet. Find out more about that work here

EV Policy: We have adopted an electric-first policy for our vehicle fleet. We have issued a 30 page paper and the wording of our policy, together with an action sheet to help you electrify your own fleet.

GWRC Electric First Vehicle Policy (Information Paper)



REV-WG: We convene a Regional Electric Vehicle Working Group (REV-WG). It meets quarterly and is open to sector stakeholders and interested parties from throughout NZ. If you would like to get involved in the development of a plan for the first 100 charging sites in the region or attend REV-WG sessions, please contact    REV-WG activity is summarised in six monthly Coordination Updates.

Electric Vehicle Symposium: In June 2016, Greater Wellington and the Wellington City Council co-hosted an Electric Vehicle Symposium that brought international experts from Canada, California, the UK and Norway together with a wide range of New Zealand speakers to discuss accelerating electric vehicle uptake in New Zealand.
Watch videos and download presentations at