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Contaminated sites

Contaminated sites

Updated 9 October 2018 9:56am

Selected Land Use Register (SLUR)

Greater Wellington holds a register of sites where activities involving hazardous substances have or may have taken place. This register, which is formally known as the Selected Land Use Register (SLUR), is held on behalf of the eight Territorial Authorities in the Wellington region. More...

Description of categories

Category I – Verified History of Hazardous Activity or Industry
Category II – Unverified History of Hazardous Activity or Industry
Category III – Contamination Confirmed
Category IV – Contamination Acceptable, Managed/Remediated
Category V – No Identified Contamination
Category VI – Entered on Register in Error 

Contaminated site enquiry

Information on sites recorded on SLUR is available on a web based GIS viewer. More...

Selected Land Use Register (SLUR) - Register Search

To find out whether a property is recorded on SLUR go to GW's GIS Mapping service. Using this website, properties that are on SLUR can be highlighted by choosing the “SLUR layer”. More...