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Compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Updated 12 January 2017 4:48pm

GWRC is responsible for checking that consent holders comply with their consent conditions. We do that through our Strategic
Compliance Monitoring Programme. This programme focusses on prioritising monitoring consents based on various risk factors. What this means is that some consents may be intensively monitored whilst others may not be monitored at all. 

How is compliance assessed?

When GWRC undertakes compliance monitoring of resource consents, a compliance rating is assigned to each consent assessed. 


No further action required


Condition(s) not met. Some action required


Condition(s) not met. Immediate action required

For some larger activities (often with multiple consents), an overall star based rating of the site is also provided:

  • 4 stars - very good 
  • 3 stars - good
  • 2 stars - fair
  • 1 star - poor

How well are activities performing?

Each year we summarise how well various activities are performing. Our latest summary for these activities can be downloaded below:

Agricultural effluent

Air discharges

Industrial discharges and contaminated sites

Landfills and cleanfills

Municipal wastewater and urban stormwater

Municipal water supplies and water races

Onsite wastewater, wineries, and 1080


Water takes