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Climate change

Climate change

Updated 10 July 2017 9:26am

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge we face and will affect everyone in the region. 

Hemmed in to the south, east, and west by the sea, the Wellington region is particularly vulnerable to even a small rise in sea level, and coastal hazards such as erosion and storm surge.

With help from the community, the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) has developed a Climate Change Strategy that will align and coordinate climate change actions across GWRC’s responsibilities and operations.

It aims to build on work programmes already underway, raise awareness of climate change drivers and impacts, and help co-ordinate regional effort through collaboration and partnerships.

The Strategy has three overarching objectives:

Greater Wellington will act to reduce
GHG emissions across all its areas of
influence, including its own operations,
helping to create the conditions for a
smart, innovative, low-carbon regional

Objective 1: Greater Wellington will act to reduce GHG emissions across all its areas of influence, including its own operations, helping to create the conditions for a smart, innovative, low-carbon regional economy

Objective 2Risks from climate change-related impacts are managed and resilience is increased through consistent adaptation planning and actions based on best scientific information

Objective 3: Community awareness of climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions increases and organisations and individuals know what they can do to improve the long term resilience and sustainability of the region


Policies have been identified under each of these objectives. Actions to achieve the objectives and policies are outlined in the Implementation Plan.