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Ara Tahi

Ara Tahi

Updated 19 March 2019 5:06pm

The Council’s relationship with mana whenua is guided by the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002, Resource Management Act 1991, Port Nicholson Block (Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika Claims Settlement Act 2009, and Ngāti Toa Rangātira Claims Settlement Act 2014 and national and regional policy statements and environment standards (eg Statement for Freshwater Management 2014).

Ara Tahi is a leadership forum of Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) and its six mana whenua partners. Ara Tahi meets to discuss strategic issues of mutual interest. Ara Tahi members comprise two representatives from each mana whenua authority and usually the Greater Wellington Chair, Deputy Chair and Chief Executive. 


Ara Tahi
GWRC membership

Cr Chris Laidlaw

Cr Ken Laban

Group functions

Ara Tahi:

  • provides a collective forum to discuss matters of strategic significance and mutual benefit
  • oversees partnership matters between mana whenua and the Greater Wellington
  • engages as appropriate with other regional agencies and organisations
  • provides advice on Greater Wellington’s Treaty obligations
  • nominates to, and supports mana whenua representatives on, Council Committees and Council Advisory Groups
Memorandum of Partnership

Ara Tahi was instrumental in the development of the Memorandum of Partnership. This document sets out the structural and operational relationship between Greater Wellington and mana whenua in the context of the Treaty of Waitangi Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the legislation which gives functions, duties and powers to the Council.

Memorandum of Partnership between Tangata Whenua ki Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui and Wellington Regional Council

Terms of Reference
Approved Terms of Reference for Ara Tahi