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Pest animals

Pest animals

Updated 28 November 2017 3:03pm

Greater Wellington controls a number of pest animals on the lands that it manages.


Possums are controlled through the aerial application of 1080 on the large, mountainous forested blocks, or by using bait stations or trapping techniques in more accessible country.


Goats are hunted by professional contractors and “Judas” goats may be used to improve hunting efficiency. Pigs and deer are largely controlled through recreational hunting, but professional hunting may be used in high priority sites.

Other pest animals

Rats are often controlled through the use of toxins in possum control operations, while mustelids (stoats and ferrets) are trapped around Battle Hill bush reserve and at other selected sites. Hares and rabbits are shot at sites where they are damaging plantings or seedling growth, e.g. at Queen Elizabeth Park.