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Regional rates calculator

Regional rates calculator

This calculator shows you how to calculate your own indicative district wide rates.

District-wide rates are rates that are charged to all ratepayers in the region. It excludes Pest management, South Wairarapa District river rates, Wairarapa river and drainage schemes and any "Warm Greater Wellington" targeted rates as they impact only certain ratepayers that are covered by these programmes.

For the property type, please note:

  • 'Regional CBD' only applies to businesses in the Wellington CBD
  • For residential properties in the Kapiti Coast district, please select either 'Residential - Otaki rating area' or 'Residential - exclude Otaki'

Please note: This calculator does not include rates set by your local city or district council.

Greater Wellington rates are set and assessed by Greater Wellington but are invoiced and collected by the relevant territorial authority in the Wellington region. Such combined collection arrangements are cost effective and more convenient for ratepayers.