We’re building a low emission public transport network to make our region even greater. So we’re improving the Metlink network to deliver more frequent and reliable services.

The Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) describes our long-term goals and objectives. It sets out our focus areas and actions that will help us achieve our goals. It also shows what public transport services and Total Mobility we will provide.

Metlink's public transport network connects the Wellington region. We have 4 rail lines, over 90 public bus routes, and 4 harbour ferry stops. Our Total Mobility helps people with impairments to access appropriate transport. The Wellington region has an effective public transport system with high levels of customer satisfaction. The RPTP builds on that base to develop an even better network.

Our priorities

The Plan sets three strategic priorities:

  • To continue to improve customer experience on public transport across the network
  • To reduce public transport carbon emissions decarbonising the public transport fleet
  • To contribute to the regional target of a 40% increase in mode share from public transport and active modes

We held public consultations on the draft plan in February and March 2021. This resulted in over 2,750 written submissions from across the region. The majority of submissions supported these priorities.

The submissions reinforced how important public transport is to our region. It highlighted the importance of equity and the accessibility of public transport.

What we’ve achieved

Since the last RPTP in 2014, we’ve made improvements to services and infrastructure. We’ve also made progress on the electrification of the transport network with 11 EV buses. Our goal is to have 100 EV buses by 2023.

We’ve made huge upgrades to train stations across the network, with new bus hubs and shelters. We've also conducted seismic strengthening on current shelters.

Planning for the future

Some of our plans include activities and initiatives to:

  • Provide a high quality, high capacity, high frequency core network
  • Improve access to public transport
  • Prioritise safety through continuous improvements to both infrastructure and operations
  • Promote behaviour change
  • Accelerate decarbonisation of the Metlink fleet
  • Explore ways to further decarbonise the Metlink rail fleet
  • Improve the accessibility of public transport
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