Inspection work at Birchville Dam

  • Published Date 09 Dec 2016

Engineers are inspecting the surrounding rock around the historic Birchville Dam in Akatarawa Forest Park to ensure that it can continue to safely support the dam structure.

"The inspection is entirely precautionary," says Greater Wellington Regional Council Parks Manager Amanda Cox.

"We work with specialist engineers at Dam Safety Intelligence Ltd. to inspect the dam routinely as part of a safety assurance programme, and revisit it after any unusual events, such as the earthquake and flood event last month. Engineers tell us there are no safety issues with the dam wall.

"We are preparing the area for geo-technical engineers to check the ongoing strength of the rock that the dam is built on and the connection with the abutments. People using the track will see we've removed some of the vegetation and soil around the rock so the engineers can do a thorough assessment.

"We are looking to reactivate the control valves and reduce the water level behind the dam."

"This is an historic site and a very popular walking track. We want to make sure it remains safe for the community and people can keep enjoying it"


Historic Birchville Dam, Akatarawa Forest

Updated April 28, 2022 at 3:53 PM

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