Better flood protection for Waikanae in 2017

  • Published Date 12 Dec 2016

Better flood protection will soon be a reality for the Waikanae community with work set to begin on reconstructing the Jim Cooke Stopbank in January.

Local firm Goodman Contractors Ltd have been appointed to do the work and have begun preparing the site around Jim Cooke Park next to the Waikanae River.

The reconstructed stopbank will give residents protection up to a 1 in 100 year flood event.

"It's exciting for this project to get underway. Staff have been working with the community for the past three years on how to build this stopbank with the least possible disruption to residents, users and the environment ," says Penny Gaylor, Greater Wellington Regional Councillor for Kapiti Coast.

"The project is an important $1.5million investment in the Waikanae community by the regional council to protect homes, businesses and infrastructure. We are aiming to complete the earthmoving in June 2017," says Cr Gaylor.

GWRC Manager Flood Protection Graeme Campbell says the work will be following strict resource consent conditions to mitigate noise, dust and vibration potentially created by the construction.

Mr Campbell says reconstructing the stopbank is expected to take six months and restoring the area after the work is very important.

"Part of the project is planting 10,000 eco-sourced native trees to further enhance and beautify the area adjacent to river. This will complete the corridor of native plants between SH1 and the sea we've been working on over the past 15 years with the Friends of the Waikanae River.

"We're preparing a replanting plan at the moment and will share this with neighbours and get their feedback."

Mr Campbell says the three football fields will be repositioned after the work and will remain the same size.

"The practice field and floodlights will be moved closer to the river and will be in play for the 2017 winter season. The other two fields will be back in play for 2018.

"Public access to some areas will be limited at some stages for safety reasons, but there will be plenty of signs letting people know and alternative access points in most cases. Don't hesitate to call us if you want more information on 0800 496 734."

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