The Upper Ruamāhanga catchment encompasses the upper reaches of the Ruamāhanga River to the Waiōhine confluence, and includes the Waipoua, Waingawa, Kopuaranga, Whangaehu, and Taueru (Tauweru) rivers from their headwaters within the Tararua Ranges and Eastern Hills to their confluences with the Ruamāhanga River. The catchment has a total area of approximately 1,560km².

A floodplain management plan has been developed for the catchment, Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan. The process of developing the FMP started in 2012 and was then led by the Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Subcommittee, which was established in 2014.

Check out the Te Kāuru Interactive GIS map to find out more.

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Eastern Rivers Crack Willow Removal Project

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A view down the Ruamāhanga River
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