Many landowners are working to protect and restore the waterways on their land. Greater Wellington helps landowners with this important work, by offering expert advice on restoration, and subsidising the costs in some cases.

Benefits of protecting our waterways

Rivers and streams, no matter what shape or size, contribute to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems in our region. Streams and riparian areas are important habitats and breeding grounds for native fish, invertebrates, and other native animals. They are crucial for the health of our environment and ecosystems, and are of significant cultural importance for many New Zealanders who rely on them as a source of food.

Waterways across our region are connected by networks of small rivers and streams. Many of these small waterways are on private land, but are very important to the overall health of freshwater in our region, and the drinking water supplied to our communities.

Support available to help protect and restore waterways

If you have a waterway on your property, we offer support to help keep it healthy, and restore it.

We also provide support to landowners who have wetlands on your property.

What the funding can cover

Our Riparian Programme can provide funding and support to protect waterways. This can include:

  • Fencing to exclude stock: Fencing is the most effective way to remove stock from waterways and prevent contamination, it can also protect your stock from being injured.
  • Planting: There are many types of native species that can be planted along the edges of waterways, which can act as a filter, reducing the amount of nutrients and bacteria entering the water in surface runoff. Over time planting will reduce bank erosion and provide shade that reduces weed growth and provide important habitat for native species.  
  • Advice: Our team of Land Management Advisors can provide advice on best management practices for waterways, including the most appropriate species to plant and how to manage pest plants.

How to apply

Our programme has criteria to help us focus our funding in catchments and at individual sites that have the biggest need for riparian management support. To find out if you're eligible fill out the below form and a member of our Land Management team will be in touch.

Only files with extensions txt | doc | docx | xls | xlsx | pdf | csv | jpg | jpeg | gif | png can be uploaded.
Only files with extensions txt | doc | docx | xls | xlsx | pdf | csv | jpg | jpeg | gif | png can be uploaded.
Only files with extensions txt | doc | docx | xls | xlsx | pdf | csv | jpg | jpeg | gif | png can be uploaded.

Our privacy statement

Greater Wellington is committed to working with landowners through its support progammes to improve the health of our waterways and wetlands across the region. To help us provide a quality services to landowners, we assess and record our level of engagement with landowners regularly during the support process. This information will be held securely and used only by Greater Wellington staff for the stated purpose. 

Creating your own plan

If you have your own online farm mapping tool or riparian planning tool, have a go at creating your own restoration plan for your waterway.

Or use the Riparian Planning tool we developed in partnership with Landcare Research and Dairy NZ. To use this tool:

  • Enter your email address and create a password on the first page (no personal information is needed other than this to create a login)
  • Type in your address to find your property using satellite imagery
  • Save a PDF of the report at the end

Get in touch for advice

Phone: 0800 496 734


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