Respect our local boating conditionsIt is a legal requirement to register your jetski/personal water craft (PWC).

Any personal water craft being used on the waters of the region must display a distinctive individual number, which must be either the registration number of the personal water craft’s trailer, or a PWC registration number.

How to register

Wellington Region only

If you only use your PWC in the Wellington region, you have the option to identify the craft by using the registration number of the personal water craft’s trailer.

The PWC registration number or trailer registration must be clearly displayed above the water line on both sides of the craft at all times. Each number used shall be a minimum height of 90 millimetres, in a contrasting colour and the numbers legible from 50 metres away.

The registration number must be displayed on the PWC and the trailer. 

All regions

If you wish to use your PWC outside the Wellington region, please register your craft with Auckland Transport. There is a one-off fee for this, and this vessel registration number will need to be displayed on your trailer as well. 

A man is riding on a jetski, and is annotated with the notes Life jackets must be worn on vessels under 6 metres and PWC registration required for ski and trailer

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