How we respond

Our small team manages pollution and environmental incidents in our region that could harm our land, water, air, or coastal marine area. If you see something causing harm to our environment, please report it straight away.  

When you call make sure you provide contact details and as much helpful information about the incident that you can. For example, where the incident is, what is happening, when it has been occurring, and who you think may be causing it. Also, if you can, take some photographs and/or video and email them to This can greatly assist how best we respond to your call.  

When we receive a call, we will respond in a variety of ways depending on the type of incident and its effects on the environment. As we receive many calls about environmental incidents, a duty officer will prioritise your call and the response required. Common responses include: 

  • Visiting the site immediately (if the incident is serious and occurring at the time)  
  • Making a visit when time permits (normally within the following week)  
  • Logging your call as a reported incident  
  • Referring your call to the monitoring officer (if it relates to a consented site)  
  • Referring your call to another agency 

The duty officer may contact you for more information to help us prioritise your call.  

Updated March 27, 2024 at 2:34 PM

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