The  Wairarapa Coastal Strategy (PDF 2.2 MB)  provides a long-term vision for the Wairarapa coast and recommends actions that the community can take to achieve that vision.

The Strategy, which was released in April 2004, was based on an extensive consultation process with landowners and the community.

The Strategy was developed, in conjunction with the community, by the Wairarapa Coastal Strategy Group (WCSG) which was a joint initiative between the Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa District Councils, Rangitaane o Wairarapa and Ngāti Kahungunuo Wairarapa iwi, and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The WCSG was formed after concerns that development was proceeding along the Wairarapa coast in an ad hoc and fragmented way. The strategy is designed to enable the community to establish a long-term integrated approach to protect, manage and develop the coastal environment.

You can also find out more about how the Strategy was developed, read a summary of submissions and get copies of technical reports and theme sheets below.

Caring for our Coast

In association with the Wairarapa Coastal Strategy we have produced a booklet that provides information and ideas on how people can help care for the coast called Caring for our Coast - A guide for coastal visitors, residents and developers.

This booklet highlights some of the things that visitors, residents or developers can do to help care for the coast. It covers everything from how to reduce rubbish in the coastal environment, to which native plants to use, how to design a low impact development and how to apply for a resource consent.

You can view the Strategy (PDF 2.2 MB) and  Caring for our Coast  (PDF 2.1 MB) on this site.

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