The Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Regulations were made by Order in Council on 20 July 1998. These regulations override some rules in the Regional Coastal Plan.

Part 2 of the regulations. Dumping and incineration

  • Section 4 Dumping of waste or other matter (Note: Part 3 of the Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Regulations comprises sections 8 to 16)
  • Section 5 Assessment criteria
  • Section 6 Incineration of waste in marine incineration facility
  • Section 7 Record keeping

Part 3 of the regulations. Control of discharges

  • Section 8 Discharge of substances for purpose of avoiding, remedying, or mitigating oil spill
  • Section 9 Discharge of oil
  • Section 10 Discharge of noxious liquid substances
  • Section 11 Discharge of sewage in coastal marine area
  • Section 12 Discharge of Grade A treated sewage in coastal marine area
  • Section 12A Discharge of Grade B treated sewage in coastal marine area
  • Section 13 Discharge of garbage
  • Section 14 Discharge of ballast water
  • Section 15 Discharges made as part of normal operations of ship or offshore installation
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