Kapiti Marine Reserve All that area shown as areas A and B on SO36790, as indicated on Planning Map 2A. Conservation, scenic, natural and scientific values. A unique combination of habitats and environments: native marine mammals and birds; diverse underwater flora and fauna; rare assemblages of sponge and ascidian species; a high degree of water clarity; spectacular scenery; and important geological formations.
Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve All that area of the coastal marine area which lies within SO37103, Lot1 DP50376, Lot 5 DP71625 and Lot 1 DP52594 (all Scientific Reserve) and Lots 2 & 4 P71625 (Local Purpose (Esplanade) Reserve and Recreation Reserve), as indicated on Planning Map 2A. A range of important habitats and indigenous plant and animal species. A nationally significant wetland for waders, seabirds and waterfowl (local and migratory). An important spawning area and nursery for threatened fish species (including Galaxias spp). The reserve contains significant vegetation of estuarine shrub-rushland
Pauatahanui Inlet The entire Pauatahanui Inlet from the Inlet side of the Paramata Bridge (SH1) and including those areas of Pauatahanui Domain to the north-east of Grays Road as lie inside the coastal marine area, as indicated on Planning Map 2B Natural, conservation, geological and scientific values. A wildlife reserve with a diverse waterfowl and wading-bird habitat (local and migratory), threatened fish species (including Galaxias spp) and endangered vegetation. The reserve contains significant salt marsh vegetation.
Lake Onoke The entire area of Lake Onoke from the Ruamahanga River cross river boundary, as indicated on Planning Map 2J. Wildlife and conservation values. A breeding ground for threatened bird species and marine fish (including Galaxias spp). Vegetation includes rare and vulnerable native plant species.
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