Regional Pest Management Strategy

The Regional Pest Management Strategy outlines Greater Wellington Regional Council’s 20 year strategy to manage regionally significant pest plants and animals. The purpose of the Strategy is to provide a strategic framework for managing selected pest animal and plant species in the Wellington region to minimise the actual and potential adverse and unintended effects of pests on the environment, economy and the community.  The Strategy also aims to maximise the effectiveness of individual pest management through a regionally co-ordinated response.

The Regional Pest Management Plan must be reviewed every ten years, and must be done in accordance with section 100D of the Biosecurity Act 1993. 

Floodplain Management Plans 

The following plans detail the Council’s priorities for flood protection works for specific rivers in the region and set a vision for managing those river corridors in relation to recreation and environmental matters.  The plans have a 40 year planning horizon with planned reviews every 10-15 years.

 The following floodplain management plans are under development:

  • Waiohine River
  • Waiwhetu Stream

There are also several documents that relate to the management of the small watercourses in the Western part of the region.

Updated August 26, 2021 at 4:31 PM

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