Committee Chairpersons

A committee chairperson presides over all meetings of the committee, ensuring that the committee acts within the powers delegated by the Council, as set out in the Terms of Reference for Council Committees (which describe the membership, objectives and responsibilities of each committee). The terms of reference for most committees provide that the committee chairperson has the power to exercise a casting vote. Committee chairpersons may be called on to act as official spokespersons on particular issues. They may be removed from office by resolution of Council.

Portfolio Leaders

For the 2019-2022 triennium there are two portfolio leaders, and three portfolios representing a key focus area of the Council. The portfolios are: Parks, Forests, Biodiversity and Recreation, Sustainable Development and Wellington Bus Priority Project. The portfolio leaders provide expertise to Council based on their portfolio areas.

Updated August 12, 2021 at 1:07 PM

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