Councillors, acting together as the Wellington Regional Council ('the Council'), are responsible for:

  • The development and adoption of council policy
  • Monitoring the performance of the Council against its stated objectives and policies
  • Prudent stewardship of the Council's resources
  • Employment of the Chief Executive
  • Representing your interests as a resident and/or ratepayer of the Wellington region. 

In general, the Council can only act by majority decisions at meetings. Each councillor (including the Chair) has one vote and the Chair generally has the casting vote (see Greater Wellington Regional Council's  Terms of Reference (PDF 406 KB)  for more information on when the casting vote applies). No individual councillor has authority to act on behalf of Greater Wellington Regional Council unless the Council has expressly delegated such authority.

As individuals, councillors are responsible for:

  • Making themselves familiar with the Council's  Code of Conduct (PDF 1.2 MB)  and  Standing Orders (PDF 4.2 MB)
  • Making themselves as knowledgeable as possible about the activities and processes of Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the physical and social environment in which it operates
  • Ensuring that on a regular and timely basis the community and other stakeholders are fully and honestly informed of all material matters relating to Greater Wellington Regional Council's business
  • Preparing for and attending meetings
  • Making themselves available to attend external meetings and forums on behalf of Greater Wellington Regional Council
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