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Wainuiomata River

Wainuiomata River

Updated 21 August 2018 3:55pm

Flood Hazard Maps Updated - 30 July 2012

The Wainuiomata River catchment has an area of 133 square kilometres, and a river length of about 22 kilometres. The location and shape of the Wainuiomata catchment makes it more responsive to southerly-based rainstorm events.


Wainuiomata Flood Hazard Maps

The map below shows the course of the Wainuiomata River. To view the flood hazard information sheet for each area, download the corresponding number from the link collection box on the right. There are two sets of maps one with no depth shown, and one with depths shown. Please select the map you require from the appropriate list
























Isolated Works

Greater Wellington Flood Protection has an annual budgeted amount for a contribution to river works that fit within the Isolated Works policy.  Isolated works are privately owned flood or erosion protection works that are constructed outside areas where Greater Wellington manages community flood protection schemes.  The intent of the contribution is to provide a level of service to areas that are not eligible for rate funded community flood protection schemes.  The maximum contribution is set at 30% of the actual cost of an eligible isolated work, and has traditionally been provided on a first in first served basis.

Further information is available in the isolated works and advice section of this website.