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Riverworks Report

Riverworks Report

Updated 30 November 2020 8:35am


These are the flood protection operations planned for the period from 30 November to 6 December 2020.

The work is dependent on weather conditions and contractor availability.

Contact us if you would like more details.




Wairarapa Area



Lower Wairarapa Valley

Ruamahanga Backwater Road

Ruamahanga Waihenga below & above Bridge

Ruamahanga Waihenga to Tuhitarata

Ruamahanga Kahutara

Ruamahanga 3km Downstream of Waiohine Confluence

Gravel Extraction - Malneek

Gravel Extraction - Fulton Hogan/Colton Brothers

Layering & topping trees

Boulder edge erosion protection

Gravel Extraction - PJ Warren

Tauherenikau River Downstream of SH53

Stopbank mulching

Upper Ruamahanga River

Te Whiti Soldiers Settlement Rd )Opp Dakeins Rd)

2.5km Downstream of Gladstone Bridge

1.5km Upstream Gladstone Bridge(Access Soldiers Settlement Road, Te Whiti

Gravel Extraction - Fulton Hogan

Gravel Extraction - Pope and Gray

Gravel Extraction - Hoopers

Waiohine River         

3km Upstream of Waiohine Confluence

1km Upstream of SH2

Gravel Extraction - Fulton Hogan

Beach Recontouring

Waingawa River

1km Downstram of SH2 Bridge

Beach Recontouring

Waipoua River

lkm Upstream Paierau Road Bridge (Golds Corner)

Gravel Extraction - Maunsell Contracting

Other Wairarapa rivers & streams

Kaipatangata Stream

Beef Creek Upstream of SH2

Wet Extraction

Blockage Removal

Wellington Area


Hutt River

No in chanel works

Other Wellington rivers  & streams


No in channel works

Kapiti Area



Otaki River


Lutz/Upper Taylors

Gravel Extraction

Beach clearing and beach contouring Lutz

Waikanae River


No in channel work

Other Kapiti rivers & streams

Waitohu below Ringawhati Road Bridge

Block line repairs - Channel Realignment