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Resources and links

Resources and links

Updated 2 November 2018 8:59am

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education’s TKI Environmental education site has environmental education curriculum-based learning materials for teachers. It includes an online version of the Environmental Education Guidelines document

Department of Conservation

The section of the Department of Conservation website for teachers provides information and resources to support conservation education programmes in schools. It has a calendar, classroom resources and information on fieldtrips.

The Department of Conservation also has an interactive bilingual teaching resource about a waterway and its conservation called Up the Creek.


The Enviroschools programme is a long-term, whole school programme, where schools create their own unique pathway to sustainability. Schools signed up to the programme have  the support of a facilitator, a network of other schools and a set of resources pulling together ideas that have work for schools over the last 10 years.

Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival is run by the TFS Charitable Trust which promotes the growing and planting of native trees and scrubs.

WWF-New Zealand

WWF-New Zealand has a range of environmental education programmes

Wild about New Zealand

Wild about New Zealand is a hands-on biodiversity investigation and action programme that contains simple equipment and methods to help people find out about the pests and native wildlife living near them. It includes links to resources for teachers.

Nga Manu

Nga Manu reserve in Waikanae has an information centre, walk-in aviary, guided school tours and endangered species such as the Tuatara and Kiwi in the Kiwi House.


Zealandia offers a variety of programmes and supporting resource materials that provide students and teachers with positive and inspiring environmental experiences: in, about and for the environment. They are an LEOTC provider and have qualified, experienced educators to work with schools.

Wellington Zoo

Wild about learning at Wellington Zoo –  the learning team offers a wide range of learning programmes for children.


LEARNZ is an online education programme for students in New Zealand state, private and integrated schools. It offers 16 virtual field trip experiences each year for primary and secondary school students which enables students to visit places and interact with people whilst still in the classroom.

Kiwi Conservation Club

Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) is part of Forest and Bird. The KCC website has lots of great fact sheets, lists of endangered NZ species, Maori names for NZ birds and much more.

Forest and Bird – Giving nature a voice

The Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand is New Zealand's largest national conservation organisation. The Society's mission is to preserve and protect the native plants and animals and natural features of New Zealand. Forest and Bird is active on a wide range of conservation and environmental issues. These include the protection of native forests, wetlands, marine ecosystems, energy and resource conservation and sustainable land management.

Landcare Research

The education page of Landcare Research has links to online education resources. It includes a site about pest plants, native New Zealand plants, animal pests and a site developed by the New Zealand Ecological Society which enables teachers to make greater use of ecological studies in their teaching. 


NIWA involves secondary and primary schools in international and national initiatives including school science and technology fairs, Kelly Tarlton's Marine Discovery Room and their Sea & Learn programme. Niwa focuses on its core area of expertise which iswater and atmosphere. Teachers can use the NIWA publication “water and atmosphere”  to support classroom teaching.


Pest animals and plants (weeds) are the greatest threat to New Zealand's biodiversity. Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect New Zealand's environment from the increasing weed problem.

Brown teal

Brown teal provides information about New Zealand's critically endangered Brown Teal (Pakete). The information and work programmes covered in this site are part of recovery efforts to conserve this species as part of New Zealand's natural heritage. The site has a curriculum linked teaching programme for 7 - 14 year olds and an excellent funky interactive game showing how pest animals affect New Zealand's natural ecology.

The hidden forest

The Hidden Forest has an extensive database and image library of fungi, lichen and slime moulds for use by teachers and other educators.

Global footprints

Global footprints has been developed by the London Humanities Education Centre to encourage young people to take steps towards a sustainable future. The site has classroom activities aimed at years 3-6 which cover literacy and numeracy. Subject areas include water, waste/ recycling and fair trade. The global footprint quiz allows you to calculate the global footprint of your school.