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Regional Rail Plan

Regional Rail Plan

Updated 28 August 2017 3:27pm

The Wellington Regional Rail Plan provides for the long term development of our region's rail network.  

Preparation of the plan is a condition of ongoing rail funding from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and it will form part of the Regional Land Transport Strategy.

The purpose of the plan is to maintain and grow rail's position as the key transport mode for long to medium distance and high volume transport services over the next 25 years.

Its scope covers the four rail corridors within the region, including the Wairarapa Line. 

While plans are already under way for a number of improvements, such as the order for new rolling stock, the plan provides for the longer term improvement of the rail network once current developments are complete.

The plan recognises and encourages the increasing popularity of rail as a sustainable transport choice for passengers and freight, a trend that is evident across the globe. It also recognises that rail is an essential service underpinning the effective functioning and economic development of the greater Wellington region. By providing a convenient and competitive rail service, users are attracted from cars and road congestion is reduced - a "win-win" outcome.