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Updated 21 April 2021 4:07pm

New contracts for Wellington’s bus, train and harbour ferry services

These are exciting times for public transport in the Wellington region as we embark on a new way of procuring – and delivering – train, bus and harbour ferry services. 

The new Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) that came into law in 2013 aims to build long-term commercial partnerships between regional authorities and public transport operators, to improve services and grow patronage.

More information about PTOM 

With the new contracts, GWRC aims to deliver a high quality service to customers that encourages them out of cars and onto public transport, especially in peak times.   Customers will have access to easy to use services that have consistent branding and information.

For operators, the new contracts offer exciting opportunities in one of New Zealand’s biggest public transport markets. The Wellington region has a strong culture of public transport use with 36.4 million passenger trips being taken on its Metlink Public Transport Network during 2014/15 it has the highest per capita public transport use in the country. The new contracts will offer real incentives for operators to continually improve their performance, provide value for money services to customers and grow patronage.

For  GWRC, the new contracts provide an opportunity to work in a spirit of genuine partnership with operators to improve the delivery of public transport services around the region. They will enable the Council to gather and analyse information about services and performance which will enhance public transport planning across the network.

Bus contracts 

Harbour ferry contract

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