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Updated 4 February 2016 11:30am

In addition to economic monitoring, research and programme support functions, the WRS also undertakes strategic leadership and project management activities. These are generally of a collaborative nature involving the councils, business interests, government agencies or the tertiary sector. Relevent reports and updates are provided on the Economic Information page as available.


Current project areas include the following: 


Wairarapa Water Use Project

A multi-purpose water scheme for Wairarapa to collect and store water then distribute it for a variety of economic and community uses. This will be done in a way that promotes sustainable management of land and water and creates regional prosperity.

Wairarapa Water Use Project website


Economic resiliency 

The WRS Office is undertaking work on promoting the economic case for greater investment in resilient infrastructure. It is also involved in related research projects funded under the Natural Hazards research platform. 



Enabling Sector Growth 

Helping to address constraints to sector growth like access to skills and capital investment are the outcomes sought in this area. A key project is developing better market intelligence for growth sectors upon which investment, export and skills development decisions can be made by relevant parties. Background information is available here.


Labour Market

Profile of migrants in the Wellington region including an analysis of growth scenarios

This purpose of this report is twofold:

  1. it presents the profile of the Wellington region’s migrant population; and
  2. it looks at growth scenarios for the region out to 2031 and how many people would be needed to achieve that growth.

Review of the 2007 Regional Labour Market Strategy (WRLMS)

A concurrent strategy to the WRS 2007 was the WRLMS. In light of issues raised around skills shortages and a future workforce supply, the WRS Office will update the WRLMS in line with priority action areas in the WRS 2012.