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Parks Network Plan

Parks Network Plan

Updated 10 October 2019 10:31am

Parks Network Plan

The Parks Network Plan (PNP) is a combined plan for eight of Wellington’s regional parks and forests. It provides directions for the use and management of parks under the Reserves Act 1977. Parks and forests included in the plan are Battle Hill, Belmont, East Harbour (including Baring Head and Parangarahu Lakes), Queen Elizabeth, Akatarawa and Pakuratahi and Kaitoke. The Plan was approved by Council in 2011 and there were amendments in 2012, 2014 and 2016. The Reserves Act requires that management plans are kept up to date so an overall review is now underway.

How can we improve our parks and management of them for the people of Wellington and visitors?

To find out what the people of Wellington need and want for our parks now and into the future we undertook a six week period of public feedback in 2018. We prepared a discussion document and two supporting papers. We asked groups and individuals what thought the significant issues were for parks, what was valued most about or within parks and what we could do to improve parks.  We also included questions in our annual telephone survey. Our initial consultation material is available below.

We had a great response to these questions and the discussion material. Over 345 people provided feedback in writing and many others provided verbal feedback and responded to social media posts. We also received a petition in favour of restoring wetlands titled ‘Restore the Raumati Wetlands in Queen Elizabeth Park’ with 712 signatures. This positive response combined with mana whenua feedback and internal workshops is being utilised to inform the development of a new draft management plan.

At the close of the initial consultation feedback was presented to Council’s Environment Committee on 9 August 2018 and the report is available to review below.  Submitters raised a variety of important issues and opportunities for changes in parks which Council officers then workshopped to explore in more detail. From this, proposed strategic directions for the new plan were drafted, presented to and approved by Council’s Environment Committee on 6 December 2018. There is a link to this report below. The key directions include:

  • Environment restoration and phasing out farming in parks except Battle Hill, which has farming education activities as part of its purpose
  • Responding to climate change and using parks as a natural solution
  • Improving public access to and within parks
  • Working collaboratively  and enabling mana whenua partners and community to achieve greater benefits from parks and adopting a catchment wide approach

Drafting a new management plan

Drafting a new management plan is now in progress following these proposed directions. It will be presented to Council and a minimum of a two month public consultation period will follow. Everyone will be able to have their say at this time and a variety of consultation activities will take place in parks. At the conclusion of the consultation submissions will be reviewed and reported to Council. A hearing will be organised for those who wish to orally present their submissions. The draft plan will then be updated and finalised for adoption by Council. Once completed and approved by Council the Plan will guide management activities and use of regional parks for the next ten years, with amendments undertaken as the need arises.

For more information about the planning process please contact

Consultation information

Environment Committee reports can also be found here. 

The planning timeline and process is summarised here: