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Long-Term Plan

Long-Term Plan

Updated 10 December 2019 10:26am

The 10 Year Plan (2015-2025) outlines the long term direction of the Regional Council and includes information on all our major projects, activities and programmes for the next 10 years and how they will be paid for.  

1. Overview (9MB)

  • What is this document?
  • Chair's message
  • Role of the Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Relationship with Mana Whenua
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council community outcomes
  • The regional context
  • Key issues and our planned responses

2. Financial Strategy (7.1MB)

3. Infrastructure Strategy (8.9MB)

  • Significant infrastructure issues
  • Managing the Greater Wellington Regional Council's infrastructure assets

4. Significant Assumptions and Risks (7.4MB)

5. Activities of the Greater Wellington Regional Council

  • Regional Leadership (17.2MB)
    • Relationships with Māori
    • Wellington Regional Strategy
    • Regional transport planning and programmes
    • Climate change planning and activities
    • Regional initiatives
    • Emergency management
    • Democratic services
  • Public Transport (8.3MB)
    • Metlink public transport network planning
    • Rail operations and asset management
    • Bus and ferry operations and asset management
    • Metlink fares and ticketing, and customer services and information
    • Total mobility
  • Water Supply (8.6MB)
    • Water supply
  • Environment (8.6MB)
    • Resource management
    • Land management
    • Biodiversity management
    • Pest management
    • Harbour management
  • Flood protection and control works (8.6MB)
    • Understanding flood risk
    • Maintaining flood protection and control works
    • Improving flood security
  • Parks (10.8MB)
    • Parks planning
    • Visitor services

6. Council Controlled Organisations and Investments (5.5MB)

7. Financial Information (6.1MB)

  • Statement of significant accounting policies
  • Funding impact statement

8. Audit report (5.4MB)

  • Independent auditors report on Greater Wellington Regional Council's 2015/25 Long-Term Plan

9. Regional Councillors (5.8MB)

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