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Join a community care group

Join a community care group

Updated 6 December 2016 4:02pm

There are many opportunities for individuals, groups and businesses to work on environmental projects that contribute to the health and restoration of our region's ecosystems.

Greater Wellington works closely with these care groups and information is shared via the Naturespace website. Naturespace is a website for restoration in Aotearoa. It has resources about restoration as well as information about upcoming events for groups working in the region and throughout New Zealand.

Go to Naturespace to find out what different care groups do, and some background on each project. There are also links to care groups websites, resources and the latest restoration news.

If getting down and dirty and planting trees isn't your thing, don’t worry, there are many other ways you can become involved with a care group: helping care group meetings run smoothly, publishing a newsletter, creating a website for a care group, running community awareness programmes or working with schools. All talents and skills are appreciated!