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Increased private vehicle occupancy

Increased private vehicle occupancy

Updated 15 January 2021 12:45pm

Target: Peak period private vehicle occupancy gradually increases towards 1.45.

Average vehicle occupancy and RLTP target

Source: Wellington CBD cordon survey 2020, WCC

The Metlink annual customer satisfaction survey asks passengers to rate overall satisfaction with the
2014/15 Annual Monitoring Report on the Regional Land Transport Plan
region’s public transport network. This covers fleet, facilities, on-time performance and customer service. The Metlink survey found that 83% of customers were generally satisfied with the public transport service, this is the same result achieved in the 2014 survey5. The RLTP target for this outcome is to achieve at least 90% overall satisfaction with the public transport for the region.

The above figure shows consistent variability in vehicle occupancy for the period 2003 to 2020; with small shifts in occupancy in the last five years. In 2020, vehicle occupancy was 1.36, the 2025 RLTP target is to increase occupancy in motor vehicles to an average of 1.45 people per vehicle.