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Harbour recreation

Harbour recreation

Updated 8 September 2020 1:54pm

The Wellington region has a wide variety of water based activities. The extensive coastline offers many opportunities to make use of our wonderful coast and harbours.

Boating and water activities are currently free from restrictive legislation and requirements. However, it is necessary to have some rules to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy their activities safely.

Take time to look at our Navigation and Safety Bylaws or check the summary that covers the main points for recreational boating.

There are areas set aside for specific types of activity such as personal water craft (PWC). We have included information on where you can launch your boat and some of the training and education options open to you as arecreational boatie.

Enjoy your water activities but do them safely; both for yourself and other water users.

Share the harbour safely

Our harbours and beaches are used by many people for many different activities so keep up-to-date with what's going on and keep an eye out for the unexpected.

Events scheduled on the harbours occasionally change and the Events calendar will be updated from time-to-time.

Select the "Agenda" tab on the top right to see all events. 

For more boating safety information have a look at Maritime NZ's boating safety channel on You Tube.

For the latest Pleasure Boat Safety Advisory Group strategy click here.

If you are wishing to hold an event, please refer to  Planning an Event

Notice about PWC (Jet Ski) Racing

Notice is given that the Wellington Jet Sport Club will be holding PWC (Jet Ski) club day racing on Sunday 20th September 2020, in the Pauatahanui arm of Porirua Harbour. In addition, course set up and testing will occur on Saturday 19th September.

The course will be adjacent to the Wellington Jet Sport Clubrooms on Grays Road, extend approximately 200m from shore and 300m in length and will include a portion of the water ski access lane.

In accordance with bylaws 3.11.1 & 3.11.2 of the Wellington Regional Navigation and Safety Bylaws, bylaw 3.2.1 is suspended and the area temporarily reserved for Jet Ski racing:

  1. From 10.00am until 3.00pm on the race day specified above.
  2. From 10.00am until 2.00pm on the day specified above for course testing.
  3. In respect of all craft actually participating in the races.

Public access to the boat ramp and water ski lane will be maintained. Swimmers, kayakers and other boat users are required to keep clear of the vicinity of the course during these times and cooperate with the requests of course marshals.


Bylaw 3.2.1 relates to the speed limit for vessels within 50 metres of another vessel or within 200 metres of the shore.

NG Nalder

Regional Harbourmaster