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Greater Wellington's investments


Greater Wellington's investments

Updated 24 February 2021 10:59am

The Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) is a regional local authority governed by the Local Government Act 2002. The Group consists of Greater Wellington and its subsidiaries as disclosed below.

For the purposes of financial reporting, Greater Wellington is designated as a public benefit entity.

The subsidiary companies comprise WRC Holdings, Pringle House Limited, Port Investments Limited, Greater Wellington Rail Limited, Greater Wellington Transport Limited, Greater Wellington Infrastructure Limited, Grow Wellington Limited and CentrePort Limited.

All subsidiaries, except Grow Wellington Limited, are designated as profit-oriented entities. Grow Wellington Limited is designated as a public benefit entity.

WRC Holdings Limited

WRC Holdings Statement of Intent

A PDF of WRC Holdings' most recent published accounts and audit report:

WRC Holdings accounts 2019

Commercial Paper Programme

A copy of a media release about WRC Holdings' September 2009 Commercial Paper Programme can be viewed here

An information memorandum regarding WRC Holdings' March 2018 Commercial Paper Programme can be viewed and downloaded here

The S&P Global rating of the GWRC programme can be viewed and downloaded here

Security Trust Deed

A security trust deed between WRC Holdings and Trustee Executors 

Past accounts

WRC Holdings accounts 2018

WRC Holdings accounts 2017

WRC Holding accounts 2016

WRC Holdings accounts 2015

WRC Holdings accounts 2014

WRC Holdings accounts 2013

WRC Holdings accounts 2012

WRC Holdings accounts 2011

WRC Holdings accounts 2010

WRC Holdings accounts 2009