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Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Updated 8 March 2017 3:35pm

This Environmental Code of Practice (Code) and Monitoring Plan (EMP) have been prepared with the initial purpose of complementing and supporting Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) in renewing resource consents for flood protection operations and maintenance works. However the ultimate purpose of the Code and EMP is more encompassing, as it is intended that it will continue to guide and monitor how all flood protection and erosion control activities are done across the Region.

GWRC seeks a 35 year term for the new resource consents, which is the maximum currently allowed under the Resource Management Act (RMA). To ensure that GWRC management of activities remains appropriate and focused over the life of the new consents, while at the same time retaining the flexibility to change in response to new information over time; it is proposed that an adaptive management regime be approved as part of the resource consent conditions. This approach is integral to the success of the Code.

A copy of the draft code of practice can be downloaded here:
Draft Code of Practice