Groundwater in the Wellington region is used extensively for; drinking water, stock supply, irrigation and industry. Groundwater also provides baseflow to rivers, streams and wetlands, or forms natural springs or seeps where it discharges at the ground’s surface. The protection of these surface water ecosystems requires careful management of the quality and quantity of the underlying groundwater.

To assist with the sustainable management of groundwater resources in the Wellington region, Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) conducts regular monitoring of groundwater quality at 68 sites across the region. Two key indicators of groundwater contamination (typically arising from land use intensification and/or on-site wastewater disposal systems) are presented in this report:

See sampling notes for information on missing sample dates, changes to sampling locations and summary of wells by Whaitua catchment.

Monitoring network

Scroll/zoom on the map to find areas of interest. Hover over a monitoring site to see more information. Groundwater connectivity provides details on each surface water connectivity category.