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A reliable and effective strategic road network

A reliable and effective strategic road network

Updated 15 January 2021 12:18pm

Target: Average peak period travel speed on selected strategic routes increases by 10% from the 2014 average


     Average peak time travel speeds on strategic routes

    The RLTP target is to reduce severe congestion on strategic roads and the 2025 outcome is an increase in average speed of 10%. 

    Unfortunately this monitoring series has been discontinued so there is no annual data for 2019/20. The average monthly travel speed for vehicles on each route is shown in the table below.  The overall average speed for AM inbound and PM outbound traffic is 35 and 39 kph respectively for 2017-2019. 

    Target: Average peak period travel speed variability on selected strategic routes reduces by 25% from the 2012-2014 average.

    The figure below shows the average travel predictability over the period 2014-2019 for six strategic routes using a three year rolling average. Several changes have been made to the way travel time traffic speed is monitored. Travel speed variability is now defined as predictability.

    In 2019 there was 63% inbound AM peak predictability and 64% outbound PM predictability. Initial findings show that traffic congestion is not improving 

    The vehicle travel data is collected using GPS data from commercial vehicles during March each year. 

     Travel predictability on 6 key routes at peak times for inbound and outbound traffic