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Council policies

Council policies

Updated 1 April 2021 6:04pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council has a number of policies required by the Local Government Act 2002. The policies are:

  • Significance & Engagement policy guides Greater Wellington when making decisions and engaging with the community
  • Private sector partnerships policy outlines under what circumstances Greater Wellington will enter into partnership arrangements with private businesses, what conditions will be imposed and what consultation will take place
  • Rates remission and postponement policies outlines when Greater Wellington will consider remitting or postponing rates, including on Maori freehold land or special circumstances
  • Development contributions or financial contributions describes Greater Wellington's approach to development contributions
  • Treasury management policy covers Greater Wellington's liability management and investment policies
  • Revenue and financing policy identifies how Greater Wellington allocates the costs of its activities against funding sources, including rates and user charges

These policies are available as part of the full Long Term Plan, and can be found in the Supporting Policies.

The publication of the Risk Management Policy is considered best practice and can be viewed here.