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Updated 19 June 2014 1:42pm



Scientific name: Juncus edgariae
Wetland plant group: Rush
Plant growth form: Up to 1 m tall
Flowering: All year round
Related species: There are 16 native and 31 introduced species of Juncus. Many of these, such as J. australis and J. effusus, look very similar to J. edgariae and can be difficult to tell apart.


The common Māori name wīwī is used for a number of species of Juncus including J. gregiflorus. Wīwī grows in wetlands, stream banks and other damp places and is tolerant of a wide range of conditions. This means that the presence of a few plants in a paddock is not generally a good indicator of wetland conditions. Wīwī forms bright green clumps of narrow, wiry stems. The flowers are in round clusters that grow out from the side of the stems. The plant produces large quantities of microscopic seed that can remain viable in the soil for years.