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What Matters to You?

What Matters to You?

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This Consultation is currently open.

It opened 9:00am 30 October 2017
and will close 4:30pm 31 January 2018
(7 days away from closing)

You may not know it, but at Greater Wellington Regional Council we touch on your lives every day. From the public transport you ride on, to the water you drink or swim in and the regional parks you explore, we are working to deliver our communities the best possible experience.

When we say we are working toward a Greater Wellington Region, we really mean it. Everything we do is to shape our region to be the very best it can be - now and into the future – but we need your help to get there. We can’t create the region you want if we don’t hear your voice.

We are working on our Long Term Plan right now, this is a really important document, we use this to prioritise our work and make sure we not only continue to provide, but improve our services for the region and the people in it.

We want to make sure that you and your families continue to have a region we can be proud of, and your input will ensure that we are making the right choices.

We have been working to identify what we do that is most important for you living in the Wellington region. We think our priorities are… what do you think?

Our priorities for the region

  • Water supplyThe bulk water infrastructure consistently delivers high-quality drinking water to the four cities.
  • Freshwater qualityThe quality of the freshwater in our rivers, lakes and streams is maintained or improved.
  • Resilient infrastructureCore regional infrastructure is resilient in the face of adverse events (including flooding and drought). It provides essential services to our communities, and facilitates economic growth.
  • BiodiversityOur region contains healthy plant, bird and wildlife habitats in the region
  • Public transport We provide a high quality and reliable public transport network

Where we will take a leadership role

  • Climate changeWe will take a leadership role in reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change
  • Economic developmentThis means we will take a leadership role in continuing to develop the economy of the region and look for new opportunities

Other activities

Alongside our priority areas, there are other activities we do. These are:

  • Natural hazards/resilence work
  • Protecting soils and reducing erosion
  • Maintaining or improving air quality
  • Transport planning (including active transport e.g walking, cycling)
  • Working with our iwi partners
  • Looking after our regional parks and forests
  • Harbour safety
  • Healthy Homes

We want to hear what matters to you