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What Greater Wellington and the Government are doing

What Greater Wellington and the Government are doing

Updated 18 July 2012 3:21pm

The Government has set national environmental standards controlling the levels of pollution in our air. In our region, the Greater Wellington Regional Council is responsible for ensuring that our air quality meets these standards.

National Environmental Standards introduced in 2004 require councils to deal with poor air quality in their areas. One of the standards is for woodburners and means from September 2005 only compliant low emission woodburners can be installed. The standard specifies that woodburners in buildings on a property with less than 2 hectares must be designed to discharge less than 1.5 grams of particles for each kilogram of dry wood burnt, and a thermal efficiency of not less than 65%.

The Ministry for the Environment is leading a one-year Warm Homes Project to investigate how families and household can be encouraged to make their homes more energy efficient and to install cleaner heating. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority and local government representatives are working with the Ministry on the project.