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Wellington Regional Strategy

Wellington Regional Strategy

Updated 11 May 2015 9:35am

The Wellington Regional Strategy (WRS) was developed by the nine local authorities in the region, working in tandem with central government and business, education, research and voluntary sector interests. It was fully adopted in May 2007 and revised in 2012.

The WRS is a sustainable economic growth strategy and contains a range of initiatives to realise our economic potential. It aims to build a resilient, diverse economy - one that retains and creates jobs (especially high value jobs), supports the growth of high value companies and improves the region's position in relation to the national GDP and national employment.

Grow Wellington is the economic development agency charged with the task of implementing the economic initiatives of the strategy, particularly those relating to investing in growth of the regional economy through exports. Grow Wellington was set up in July 2007.

The refreshed WRS is centred around six focus areas:

  •  Commercialisation of innovation
  •  Investment mechanisms for growth
  •  Building world-class infrastructure
  •  Attracting business, investment and talent to the region
  •  Education and workforce development to service regional economy needs
  •  Open for business

Results will be achieved by collaborative efforts of the private sector, central and local government, and organisations seeking to foster economic development. It will be a rallying point for matters requiring a region-wide approach to opportunities that exist to lift the region's economic performance.

It is recognised that many aspects of the regional economy are influenced by the operation of global markets, central government and individual businesses. The WRS is focused on regional interventions or actions that can realistically make a difference. Research suggests relatively modest levels of better coordinated investment can reap multi-million dollar returns. The WRS targets these matters for attention and action. More detailed work plans will be developed annually by Grow Wellington, the WRS Office and councils in the region. The WRS is delivered in the context of also  improving the region’s environmental, social and cultural performance.