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Wellington Botanical Society Field Trip


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Te Marua Bush workbee

In partnership with Greater Wellington, BotSoc has been committed since 1989 to do weed control and revegetation in this important matai / totara / maire remnant in Kaitoke Regional Park. Our biannual workbees must continue so that we keep ahead of re-invasion by weeds, particularly around the plantings, so please come to help with this important work.   Bring 

When: Saturday, 17th November 2012, starting at 9:30am (event finished 5 years ago)
Duration: A few hours
Where: Te Marua Bush, upper Hutt.
Price/Cost: Free
Bring: Weeding gear: gloves, kneeler, weed bag, and your favourite weeding tools e.g. trowel, hand fork, grubber, loppers, pruning saw, jemmy.
Contact: Glennis Sheppard and Sue Millar
Phone: 526 7450 and 526 7440 respectively.
Getting there:

250 m north of Te Marua Store turn left off SH2. Go 50 m along the road to Te Marua Lakes, Kaitoke Regional Park.   If coming by train phone the leader to arrange to be met at Upper Hutt Station.   Catch 8.05 a.m. train on Hutt Line from Wellington Station