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We're investing in our region - Greater Wellington 10-Year Plan

We're investing in our region - Greater Wellington 10-Year Plan

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This Consultation is currently open.

It opened 9:00am 26 March 2018
and will close 5:00pm 29 April 2018
(10 days away from closing)

Please note we have found an error on page 25 of the consultation document for the Long Term Plan 2018-28. These figures relate to the impact of changes to rates for every $100,000 of property value under the proposed Revenue and Financing Policy for Wellington City, Upper Hutt, Porirua and Hutt City. The online version of the consultation document has been updated.


Your feedback matters

At Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) our vision is of an extraordinary region – thriving, connected, and resilient.

We’re reviewing our plans for the next 10 years and have identified four key priorities for the region. Freshwater Quality and BiodiversityRegional ResilienceWater Supply and Public Transport. The work we do to progress these priorities will affect you and your community, so it’s important we understand what you think.

We’re also reviewing our Revenue and Financing Policy to consider the way we fund Public Transport and Flood Protection programmes.

We want to know what you think about these changes.

For information on our key priorities and the specific issues we want your feedback on, download the Consultation Document or go to to find out more and send your submission to us online.

10-Year Plan Consultation Document

Important choices – 10-Year Plan

In particular, there are three issues we want your feedback on – improving the Wairarapa rail service and Capital Connection, investing more in emergency management, and water storage options for the Wairarapa.

Go to for more information.

Future direction

We’re also letting you know about some big decisions that don’t fit the timeframe of this plan. We want to understand how you feel about our involvement in the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project, our approach to economic development, and our work on a resilient water supply for the region.


What about rates?

Balancing rates and services is always a challenge.

The proposals in our draft 10-year plan require an increase in rates of $8 million in 2018/19 and $75 million overall. The average annual rates increase will be 5 percent over the 10 years of the plan.

The proposed average increase in residential rates across our region in the 2018/19 year is $30.89 a year or $2.57 per month.

Consulting on the Revenue and Financing policy

We are in a good financial position, but we’ve been looking carefully at how we use rates to fund all of Greater Wellington’s activities. Two of our largest areas of work are public transport and flood protection and we’re proposing a new way of funding them.

The Revenue and Financing Policy consultation is separate from the 10-year plan consultation, but they are open at the same time to make it easier for you to share your feedback.


Additional information

10-year Plan 

Supporting information to the 10-year plan consultation document

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Infrastructure Strategy for Consultation

Financial Strategy 2018-2028

Rates Remission and Postponement Policy

Statement of Proposal - Rates Remission and Postponement

Revenue and Financing Policy

Revenue and Financing Policy - Statement of Proposal

Revenue and Financing Policy for consultation

Revenue and Financing Policy - Rates Impact

Revenue and Financing Policy FAQs

Revenue and Finance Policy - Understanding the proposed rates

Go to to have your say.

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