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Warm Greater Wellington FAQs

Warm Greater Wellington FAQs

Updated 14 May 2019 12:59pm

Questions and answers about the Warm Greater Wellington financial assistance offer

What is Warm Greater Wellington?
Warm Greater Wellington is a service offered to all ratepayers to help make our region’s homes warmer and healthier.

What do I get?
As a ratepayer you can apply to the Greater Wellington Regional Council for up to $3,900 (including GST) towards home insulation.

How much will I repay?
You will repay the original amount that the Wellington Regional Council paid, plus a margin charge (about 7% per year) which is reviewed yearly and subject to change.

How do I make repayments?
The Wellington Regional Council will charge a “targeted rate” on your regular rates bill over nine years. The outstanding amount will appear on your rates bill around July each year.

How can I calculate my repayments?
The following table can help you to calculate your repayments*

Greater Wellington Regional Council assistance





Approximate per annum cost/rate (inc GST at 15%)





Approximate per week





Nine-year total





* Based on a margin charge of 7%, which is set once a year and subject to change

* Any amount owing after GWRC assistance is your responsibility

Can I pay it back early?
Yes. Amounts of $100 or more can be paid. Please contact the Wellington Regional Council for more information.

How do I know how much I have left to pay?
Please contact the Wellington Regional Council for more information.

What happens when I sell my house? Do I have to pay off the outstanding balance?
You must inform the purchaser of the rate. You can agree to clear it or the new owner can continue to repay it. What you both agree on must be written into the sale
and purchase agreement. This is a legal requirement in any property sale and in the the Wellington Regional Council insulation agreement. The rate will be notified
on your property’s LIM report.

I have more than one house on my property. Can I get funding assistance for each?
Yes but only if each is on a separate rates account.

How do I apply?

  1. View the list of recognised service providers, or phone 0800 496 734
  2. A service provider will then assess your home for free and provide insulation options. (You should get more than one quote)
  3. The service provider will explain the funding options available to you
  4. Either the service provider or the Wellington Regional Council can help you complete your application form

How do I qualify?

To be eligible for this service you must:

  • Be a ratepayer
  • Be up to date with your rate payments
  • Have a house built before 2000
  • Use a Wellington Regional Council recognised service provider

How long will it take for my application to be approved?
Up to five working days after the the Wellington Regional Council receives it as long as it’s correctly completed and your rates are up to date.

Can I cancel my application if I change my mind?
Yes. You must inform the Wellington Regional Council before the installation starts. 

For more information, contact:

• 0800 496 734